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This is a blog about human rights and peace promoting equality and integrity. Our objective is to make people aware of their rights and helping them to coexist in a peaceful environment.

We talk about providing justice for poor people, enhancing good governance, building peace and promoting human rights. We post articles, news, research works, etc. on human rights and peace. We want to ensure that people have good knowledge about human rights and they know what role they have to play to make this society a peaceful one.

We get contributions from many community experts who share their knowledge and experience with our audiences. You will be able to know the latest works in this field by reading our blog. We update our blog every day with news about human rights from around the world. You can also write to us and share your thoughts and experiences with our audiences. We have a forum where you can join and talk to our experts regarding human rights matters. We hope you will be with us all the time.