4 Countries that don’t allow women the right to education

4 Countries that don’t allow women the right to education

Many people in the world are still deprived of education. The world is improving, the living standard of people is getting better, but some countries are still much behind in this race of progress. There are still many countries that don’t let women the right to education. Here is a list of such countries.


In many places in India, virginity and purity are more important than education. Also, due to the poor economic condition of the country, many girls have to work at a very young age to support the family. So, they cannot get a proper education.


The Khmer Rouge came to power in 1970; the entire educated class was eradicated in Cambodia. The education of most women stops before, or the moment they reach puberty. Only 15% of the women in this country seek higher education. The majority of women has to suffer from domestic violence, work in rice fields, or work as prostitutes from the age of 13.


We had a clear picture of the education system of Pakistan when Malala Yousafzai was attacked by the Taliban. In Pakistan, the rate of educated women is one of the lowest in the world. More than half of Pakistani girls are not educated. It also has the second lowest rate of female employment.


Afghanistan is one of the hardest places to live for a woman. It is found that 9 out of 10 women are illiterate in Afghanistan. About 40% of girls there attend elementary school, and 1 in 20 girls study beyond the sixth grade.

These shocking findings show that the light of civilization hasn’t reached many parts of the world yet. The violence against women continues to grow in many parts of the world.