3 Reasons to oppose President Trump and his Cabinet

3 Reasons to oppose President Trump and his Cabinet

Since President Trump has started his office, many decisions he has taken has been criticized around the world. Here are the main reasons to oppose his decision.


Trump’s campaign was full of racial remarks. He has chosen Steve Bannon of the white nationalist Breitbart news to be his Chief Strategist. His Attorney General nominee is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III who was considered unfit as a federal judge in 1986. This was due to his role in various racist incidents. He has shown his hostile attitude towards people of other color, women, immigrants and LGBTQ communities for all these years.

Hostile attitude towards Muslims and immigrants

Jeff Sessions supported Trump’s plan of building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He has supported the anti-immigrant legislation for a long time. He has also indicated ban his support on the ban on immigrants from majority Muslim countries. Sessions will thus have the authority to detain and deport millions of immigrants.

Hostile attitude towards Women’s and LGBTQ rights

Jeff Sessions supported the efforts to restrict women’s and LGBTQ rights for many years. He gave his support to the amendment to ban same-sex marriage and doesn’t support reauthorizing the equal pay for women and the Violence Against Women Act.

These decisions and many others have given rise to lots of opposition and criticism regarding Trump and his Cabinet’s decisions. Many people believe that the democratic rights of people have been deeply affected.