3 Ways to solve the rape problem in our society

3 Ways to solve the rape problem in our society

Four male undergraduates from North Carolina State University designed a nail polish that would detect unwanted drugs in a woman’s drink. All she needs to do is stir the drink with a finger. The drink would change color if GHB, a common type of date rape drug, is added. This is a great step taken by these guys to fight rape. The number of rape incidents has been on the rise. Here are three ways we can solve the rape problem in our society.

1. Teach men that they shouldn’t rape

We should teach men not to rape women. Women should buy products that will make them safer. As the four young guys from North Carolina State University, men should take responsibility regarding their behavior. They should become the advocate to speak against rape.

2. Make sure the legal system doesn’t blame women for rape

In most cases, rapists don’t spend a day in jail. They go out free. The legal system, in some cases, goes against the victims instead of the rapist. An Australian jury lets a rapist go free as the victim was wearing ‘skinny jeans.’ These perspectives must change. The legal system should give justice to the people.

3. Improve campus administration to deal with sexual assault

Rape is very common on college campuses. 1 in 5 college women become a victim of rape. There should be clear college reporting system so that the rate of rape cases decrease. If the administrative response can be strengthened in colleges, then the incidents of sexual assault on campus will decrease.

By taking these steps, we will be able to lower the number of rape incidents that take place in colleges and the society. Rapists must be punished severely so that they don’t repeat this type of act in future.